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Data Loss Prevention from Astria Business Solutions

Why does my business need Data Loss Prevention services? Businesses today often handle considerable amounts of personally identifiable data on their customers and employees. Serious repercussions come from loss of that private data, whether maliciously or accidentally. Significant fines, and losing trust in the eyes of your clients can be enough damage to close down your business.

Safeguard Private Data

Oftentimes, security only focuses on how to keep hackers out of the network. However, you must also look at how to keep your valuable information in. That’s where Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services from Astria IT Solutions steps in, to fill those gaps. We design DLP services to guard the private data that your business stores. We keep it secured from loss or theft.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

-Benjamin Franklin

Weakest Point in a Network's Security

Many people view those that attack their network as mysterious masters of tech that can scarcely be traced. However, many attackers are often nothing more than con-men who target the weakest point in a network’s security: the people who use it. One increasingly popular form of attack is Spear-Phishing, where criminals pose as a business executive or government official in order to trick employees into sending them your clients’ private information. Scams like these have affected numerous organizations and cost businesses an average of $1.6 million in 2016. Good Data Loss Prevention measures prevent most business losses.

Multi-Layered Approach

Data Loss Prevention services are a hybrid of technological and procedural changes. These changes are designed to create more accountability in the workplace while still providing technology based counter-measures in case of malicious or unintentional data loss. Our multi-layered approach teaches people how to properly handle sensitive data and isolates it from exposure to loss or theft.

Compliance simplified

We custom fit our Data Loss Prevention services to suit your business and your compliance needs. Protect employee data for GLBA or consumer data for PCI DSS. Utilize Astria’s DLP services to meet or exceed your compliance requirements as well as guard against breaches of your growing volumes of private data.

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