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If you want to be sure where your network security stands, penetration testing services are very useful. But what exactly is a penetration test and what makes it so useful? These tests check for security issues from outside your network, so that we can find problems before hackers do.

Can your systems survive a targeted attack?

If hackers started attacking your network right now, would your network be able to defend itself? Would you even know if attackers tried to break in, or if they were already in your network? These are questions your business needs to be able to answer— thankfully penetration testing can help.

Maximizing your security

Penetration tests work to make sure your network stays strong. They go hand in hand with Vulnerability Assessments to find weaknesses in your security so that we can increase your defenses inside and out. With penetration testing services from Astria, you can be sure your security is at its best!

What are penetration testing services?

Penetration testing is closely related to vulnerability assessments. While vulnerability assessments look at weaknesses from within your network, penetration tests come from the outside. This lets us find issues that could let hackers in, so that you can close them before crooks abuse them.

Don't vulnerability assessments fix those?

Although vulnerability assessments find many of the problem areas inside your network, external scans can shed even more light. Looking at both sides provides a more complete picture of your network, and allows you to take your security to a higher level.

Important to today's security.

Penetration testing is a very valuable service to all types of businesses. Much of the work businesses do today is online, and because of this, some assets have to face the internet. You need to know how criminals may try to exploit these weaknesses, and how you can secure them. Penetration Testing provides you with the insight you need so that you can be sure your network is always safe.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Find the weaknesses in your network before cyber criminals do!

Avoid Ransomware

These days, Ransomware Protection is a must. Check out our services to cut back your risks!

You can prevent costly data breaches!

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Data breaches are more expensive to repair than to prevent. Between the costs of Federal fines, repairs, and loss of customer trust, many businesses lose much more than they expected. Using our penetration testing services saves your businesses the time, headaches, and expenses of dealing with a preventable breach.

Stay ahead of cyber criminals

Recent research from Verizon found that in 93% of data breaches, attackers took minutes or less to break in. But you don’t have to give crooks easy access to your valuable data. Checking your network’s security with our penetration testing services keeps you ahead of the game so attackers move on to easier targets.

Your ally for Penetration Testing Services

We can take your cyber security to the next level. By scanning your network externally, we can help you fix security issues before crooks try to breach your network. Contact us today so we can maximize your security with our Penetration Testing Services!

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