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Did you know your email could be stolen without Secure Encrypted Email services? Business owners are often surprised to learn that there is virtually no privacy or security in standard email messages. Messages sent through email can be quite easily intercepted and read because email is rarely secured or encrypted. If your business ever sends confidential information through email, it needs to be properly secured.

Keep Your Messages Private

Thankfully there are now several useful tools for Secure Encrypted Email that make sure your messages are kept safe from “Send,” to “Receive.” It is now possible to encrypt email on endpoints, in transit, and even in storage on servers, so that cyber criminals won’t be able to read your messages even if they do steal them. These cyber security services are certainly essential when you consider the amount of private data businesses send over email.

The Best Secure Encrypted Email Solutions

It can often be intimidating for business owners to choose a Secure Encrypted Email Solution because there are many options available. But the experts at Astria are ready to assist you in finding the right solution for you. We offer your business personal service and years of experience so that you get the best Secure Encrypted Email solution for your unique business.

Every time you write an email, it is in the public domain.

—Peter Thiel

How Does Email Travel?

Security on standard email is almost non-existent. The reality is that sending an email is much like sending a post-card. Many people can easily view the message and see the contents in plain text as the email travels to the intended recipient. While this isn’t a concern for some messages, other more sensitive messages should be sent in a sealed envelope.

An Envelope For Your Email

Astria’s Secure Encrypted Email solutions place that envelope around your email messages. Encrypting email prevents others from viewing your sensitive messages even if they are stolen or intercepted. This allows you to better maintain your business’ privacy and improve customer relationships by showing them you take security seriously.

Secure Encrypted Email for Compliance

Secured email solutions can also help you meet compliance standards. GLBA, PCI DSS, and HIPAA/HITECH all require protection for personal information like dates of birth, Social Security numbers, payment information and medical records. Secure Encrypted Email solutions from Astria allow your business to meet compliance requirements for email by properly securing your messages from end to end.

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How Does Astria Provide Secure Encrypted Email?

Secure Encrypted Email Services from Astria Business Solutions

Astria IT Solutions has the right cyber security tools for your business. Our Secure Encrypted Email services can be used in a number of ways to encrypt email that is in transit, stored on servers, and even stored on endpoint computers.

Eliminate Confusion

Trying to find the right Secure Encrypted Email solutions for your business can be confusing, especially if compliance is involved. Afterwards, configuring encryption on both ends can be a headache. But Astria is ready to find your business the best fit solution and to teach you how to use it day to day.

The Right Solution For Your Business

You don’t have to worry about wasted resources or sloppy security with Astria as your ally. We find the cyber security solutions that fit your business so that you can focus on keeping your business productive. Contact us today to find out how we provide you with the best Secure Encrypted Email solutions available.

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