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Windows 7 End of Life Upgrades

Make the move to Windows 10 before it's too late!

As of January 15th, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7. So anyone still using it after this date will be open to ever increasing vulnerabilities and attacks from hackers.

But your business doesn’t have to be at risk or fall behind. Contact Astria IT Solutions to find out how we make upgrading to Windows 10 simple and efficient.

Find out what you can upgrade.

Many Windows 7 systems can be safely upgraded to Windows 10, or are just a few improvements away from doing so. Astria can help you make the most of the hardware you already have.

Improve your network security.

If you have older, outdated systems on your network, you may be risking serious data breaches. Replacing or upgrading these systems improves your security and helps you maintain compliance.

Get expert help for your upgrades.

Our professionals have helped perform many upgrades to Windows 10, and can help you too. So whether you need to replace equipment or simply upgrade your systems, we can take you from planning to completed.

Windows 7 End of Life FAQs

Currently, Microsoft updates Windows 7 every month to fix bugs and keep it secure. But after January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 7. So any new bugs found after this date will not be fixed, and users will have to fend for themselves.

This also means that Windows 7 will be ripe for attack by hackers. Most users won’t receive security updates from Microsoft, so vulnerabilities will go without patches. And when critical issues like these are not fixed, criminals break in to cause serious damages. This makes updating to Windows 10 very important.

If you decide to keep using Windows 7 systems as you have before, then the results could be very serious. Your systems will likely continue to run as they did before, however, the risks and threats will be constantly increasing.

Even now, Windows 7 is one of the weaker operating systems, so it won’t be hard for crooks to find their way in. Many systems are already breached, without their owners even knowing about it.

As a result, the end of life of Windows 7 is a prime target for ransomware. And if hackers can install it, then they will try and spread to other systems. So continuing to use Windows 7 carries with it significant risks.

This depends quite a lot. Some of the newer Windows 7 systems can safely upgrade to Windows 10 without any changes, and some may only need a few minor upgrades to run Windows 10 well. But some of the older systems will not be worth upgrading, as their old hardware is not supported or updated. So systems like these are best to just replace, rather than struggle to get upgraded.

But the good news is, Astria can help you determine if your computer needs to be replaced or if it can upgrade to Windows 10. We’ve done many upgrades and are ready to assist you too!

Fortunately, most files and settings can transfer to Windows 10, but the process can be more complicated depending on the case. If you are just upgrading the system directly to Windows 10, most files, settings, and even up-to-date apps will transfer over fine.

But if you are moving to a new brand new system, the process is not as simple. Instead it requires more complicated text based commands, or to manually copy over files from one system to the next. Fortunately, Astria has the expertise to help you make the move as effortless as possible!

If you have to maintain HIPAA/HITECH or other regulatory compliance, then you need upgrade from Windows 7 before its end of life or suffer a violation. And with fines increasing rapidly in recent years, failing to upgrade could be very costly.

Windows 7 End of Life is almost here—
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